Marnie Swedberg
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Marnie is the online mentor to over 14,000 leaders from 30 countries. Training & connections for you!

This Site is Your New Secret Weapon If you want to be the best person and leader you can be, join us to discover the practical, doable strategies that transform vision into reality, effort into results, and exhaustion into rest. Reach your God-given goals in the minutes you have!

Redefine B.U.S.Y. as Best Unique Strategies for You. As Marnie always says, "When God strung together your three billion base pair of DNA, He did it in a particular way. You are the only YOU the world will ever know. We need you to be fully invested into maximizing the gifts, talents and dreams God has planted in you!" Make this site is your new "nurturing" homepage.

Join Other Leaders to move "fast forward" toward your goals with the online training programs you'll find here, plus Marnie's 12 "how-to" books, expos, conferences, boot camps and syndicated weekly training radio talk show.

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"Marnie is the most energetic person I've ever met." Kip Marlow, Show Host, Entrepreneurs Club Radio

"The most versatile person I've ever met--No job is too big for her!" Barbara J. Kalinoski, Regional Director

"A bigger help than you will ever know. I am amazed!" Tonya Beam, WM Leader

"Marnie Swedberg: Proof the law of attraction is real." Eric Cacciatore, Host, Restaurant Unstoppable

"Talented, compassionate, resourceful, humble..." Marnie's Pastor, Rev. Wayne Maxwell

"Gets more kingdom work accomplished than most, and spurs me on!" Gwynn Conrad, Missionary to Spain

"Marnie and her trainings have helped me immensely." Donna Best, Author & Speaker

"Just full of good stuff!" Pat Evens, KARE TV Host